Warm Bright Sunny Arkansas Engagements // Courtney and Reeves

Trying to pump out some blog posts from all the work I’ve done all summer and fall! Yay! Courtney emailed me interested in having me come over to Jonesboro to capture her gorgeous wedding day so as usual I gave her a ring.  We clicked instantly! She was so sweet and we chatted all about her vision and what our plans would be! Love those chats! Fast forward a little bit and I invited them to shoot some engagements but seeing as they lived in Jonesboro and I live in Northwest Arkansas we decided to meet in the middle at The Buffalo River.  Let first explain that these two are saints, I had to reschedule on them because I showed up to second shoot a wedding on a Friday (in Tulsa) that was supposed to be on Saturday following day which is when we planned to shoot, then when we were meeting at the Buffalo the river was up (I had no idea….how do you even tell these things beforehand?), there was no cell service, we were driving back up the road separately trying to get a hold of each other.   IT WAS A MESS.  We parked my car at an elderly man’s home, I hopped in with them and we literally gave it a shot in the dark at to where a cool location might be! I’ll say we got lucky! I love how warm bright and sunny these engagements are! Oh and how could I forget the snake by Courtney’s door when we were all wrapped up ready to head home?!?!?!?  So many memories! I’m so thankful these two still trusted and believed in me, because I can’t wait to show off their wedding images!

Warm Bright Sunny Arkansas Engagements         


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