Meet Erika

A B O U T   M E

First, I am a wife and a mom to 4 amazing children.  Nothing is better than family! My mom married into a big family and I married into a big family so I knew (being an only child) that one day I wanted that same thing! Thankfully with big families there’s a lot to document so whether I’m on assignment or not, photography truly is my passion in life. You can catch snippets of our personal lives on my Instgram page.  Feel free to follow along….. @erikadotson  and obviously Facebook too, isn’t everyone on Facebook?

I’m so thankful that I’m able to pursue this passion as my dream job!  I was gifted a camera for Christmas one year, given a film camera a few years later, and served on my high school yearbook staff after that and it all just kept getting better and better. My passion for storytelling (and realizing I could potentially earn a buck) really began in college when I started getting paid to have images published in the yearbook. I was in heaven. ha ha ha  Oh to go back to those times. 🙂  College is where I met TW, my handsome husband of 10 years. We were sealed for time and all eternity in the Nauvoo Illinois Temple on December 27, 2006. Titan was our first born (he’s our seven year old leader and athlete with the a heart of a cowboy). Acadia came a few years later (she’s our five year old full of spice, spunk, sass, drama, and a huge heart). Aspen followed two years after (she’s our sweet, timid, mellow, animal loving three year old) and finally the caboose, Jetta (she’s the one and half year old baby that will be “the baby” for the rest of her life). We have a few fur baby’s too, Rue is the 5 year old chocolate lab who runs the neighborhood.  Elsa is our boy kitty that lives in the garage and outside to keep mice away.  Sunny is the new baby siamese kitty we rescued from a field who gets to live inside until (he/she?) is big enough to make it on it’s own outside too.

M Y  S T Y L E

I believe my style is more than what my photos look like.  While you can tell I like clean classic images, what else does my style involve?  I start capturing your unique wedding story through getting to know you as a couple first, ideally, we would meet and chat all about your vision for your day. Each of my collections include a complimentary engagement session that allows us to get to know each other even more and get comfortable with the camera. I then like to have a meet up about a month prior to your wedding to discuss all those final details and just be there for support during that last month for any arrising questions. Then on your wedding day I like to arrive a little early to get my gear sorted and make a game plan for the day.  I’ll start by capturing the bridal details like your dress, rings, invitations, veil, jewelry, etc. then the day will progress from there and through it all I’ll be doing a healthy mix of curating images, observing moments, and giving direction as needed.  Your wedding day is a whirlwind of a day but your photos are the only thing you get to keep forever, that’s a big job, that’s my job, and I take that very seriously.

A  L I T T L E  B I T  M O R E

My family ran a small pizza restaurant for 20 years, I’ve seen first hand how wonderful it is to own a small business and I find so much pride in being able to do just that! I am so very thankful to each of my couples who choose me as their wedding photographer, as it allows me to continue following my dream of being an entrepreneur.  I take on a very limited number of weddings each year so that first, I can give my family the time they deserve but secondly, so that I can strive to give each of my couples the time they deserve as well.  My clients see the value of photography, they are easy going, they are understanding, they are compassionate, and they can’t wait to get married! I love outdoor weddings, I love beautiful light, I love intimate weddings, I love big weddings full of family, I love historic homes, I love flower gardens, I love the beach, I love to travel, I love personal vows, I love father/daughter dances, I love patio lights, and I could go on and on!

Y O U   T H O U G H T   I   W A S   D O N E . . . .

Here’s a few random facts about me

1. I have the biggest sweet tooth, it’s insane and should be handled.

2. I make up for it by running. I love to run. It’s my mental escape.

3. Originally from Santa Cruz, California then moved to Mena when I was 10, and been in NWA since I started college.

4. I live in a town with a population of 62 people, good ol Hindsville, which is why I just say I live in NWA.

5. Our home is always being remodeled since we moved into a home designed by an elderly couple, bless them.

6. I’ve recently taken up a hobby in watercolor classes by I’m pretty much obsessed with everything she creates! Let me know if you ever want to take a class together!

7. I am my most productive self when I edit to classical music.



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